Best Jet Ski Insurance 2021

Best Jet Ski Insurance 2021
Best Jet Ski Insurance 2021

Insuring Jet Ski’s mostly falls under personal watercraft Insurance. It helps one avoid the huge price tag that comes with damages because of fire, storms, etc.

It is similar to how auto insurance covers cars with different coverages based on the policy you choose.

Jet insurance comes in different forms and finding a suitable one can be quite stressful. You have to consider much such as; how much coverage you want, how much

Let us look at some of the best Jet Ski insurance and their offers below.

Ski Safe:

Best Jet Ski Insurance 2021

Ski Safe insurance company offers as low s $85 a year for coverage and a host of other discounts, customization options, benefits among many others to provide reliable service to the consumer.

Pros & Cons

  • They have very low premiums

  • They have flexible coverage options

  • They have multiple discounts

  • Some of their quotes are not available online

  • They have limited discounts

  • They high deductibles under certain conditions

Ski Safe is dedicated to providing insurance to boat owners, Jet Ski owners, and PWC owners.
Also, they have insured over 500,000 people and they offer the lowest premiums in the industry.

They are the best insurance providers for Jet Ski owners. Their customer has four options to choose from, these are Premium Package, Liability Only, Build your own package, and Basic Package

Ski Safe customers can choose between four different packages: Liability Only, Basic Package, Premium Package, and a Build Your Own package.

The limited liability coverage costs as low as $85 a year, but with additional coverage, you pay $203 a year. Coverage can include physical damage, bodily injury, towing, fuel pills, roadside assistance, and medical payments.

They also offer discounts for completing a boating safety course, purchasing online, and many others. They also have an A+ AM best rating and a very happy clientele.

Nationwide Insurance:

They are regarded as a leader in insurance products. They help you save money with their bundling options with an existing or future home, life, or auto insurance.

Pros & Cons

  • They have vanishing deductibles

  • They also have multiple products for easy bundling.

  • They have highly competitive rates for multi-policy customers

  • They have limited discount programs

  • They have a maximum coverage value of $27,000

  • The availability varies by state

Nationwide Insurance is a top tier when it comes to bundling policies. When you want to combine multiple policies, then nationwide is the right choice.

They offer very low premiums starting from $100 and about 75% of policyholders carry a deductible ranging from $250 to $500.

The deductible can reduce to $100 a year for each year you go accident-free.

Nationwide insurance has few discounts for its customers. Policyholders can receive a discount when they finish a personal watercraft safety course.

They have an A+ rating according to AM Best. They also offer very flexible PWC policies that cater for property damage, give protection from the uninsured and underinsured motorists, medical payments, on-water boat towing, bodily injury, and labor.

They also have policies that provide coverage in the event of fire, storms, and theft.
Their policies are not restricted to any geographical location.

Allstate Insurance:

Best Jet Ski Insurance 2021
Best Jet Ski Insurance 2021

Pros & Cons

  • They have competitive rates

  • They have multiple opportunities for policy discounts

  • They deal with partner merchants

  • Their offers and coverage varies by state

  • They no quotes available online

Allstate insurance gives its customers a robust collection of discounts and services. They have rates as low as $20 a month. When it comes to policyholder benefits, they are top-notch.

Allstate gives generous discounts base on eligibility factors. Policyholders can decrease their rates by taking up the multi-policy discounts (20%), full pay discounts (10%), homeownership discounts (10%), and boat education discounts (5%).

You get a 6% discount when you sign up for autopay.

Policyholders can also benefit from partner organizations such as Intuit, Kiddie, PODS, Budget Rental, Valvoline, Avis, SiriusXM, and Intuit.

With Allstate, you get to recoup the full price of your jet ski irrespective of the market value at the time of claim provided you opted for the Agreed Upon Value Coverage.

Progressive Insurance:

Pros & Cons

  • They have bundling discounts

  • They also have multi watercraft discounts

  • They have policies ranging up to $500,000

  • Their policies are less customizable

  • The coverage maximums are lower in certain locations

  • They have potentially higher deductibles

Progressive insurance is one of the most recognized insurance companies in the US. The company was established in the year 1937.

Their policies cover different policies including personal watercraft and boats. They have discounts for policyholders who buy more than one coverage for their boats, jet skis, and personal watercraft.

You can insure more than one Jet Ski for as low as $100 a month. You also gain liability insurance with just a basic plan.

If you bundle more than one progressive policy, you are the original owner of the PWC, you have a clean driver’s record or transfer coverage from another company, you are entitled to a host of benefits from the company.

Members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, the United States Power Squadron, and USAA also get additional discounts.

Coverage in some locations could change for Progressive insurance users. For customers in hurricane-prone zones in the country, maximums can be reduced.

Progressive has an A+ rating according to AM Best ratings and the number choice of insurance for owners of boats and watercraft.

Markel Insurance:

They specialize in policies that give you the opportunity to participate in any watersports you want.

Pros & Cons

  • They have diminishing deductibles

  • They are very flexible

  • It is hard to get a quote online

  • There is no option to bundle with life or home insurance

Markel policyholders have the option to customize their policy coverage. This affords customers the chance to buy insurance that adequately suits their needs.

They provide coverage for motorcycles, off-roading, unique ownership, and PWCs. Their coverage includes consequential damage such as collisions, fire, normal wear and tear, ice and freezing damage, physical damage with actual cash value and agreed value options.

Their PWC policy will also cover medical payments, emergency towing and assistance, and watercraft liability.

They offer multi-unit discounts, mature operator discounts for policyholders who are 40 and above, experienced boater discounts.

After your fourth year with Markel, you are eligible for a $0 deductible.

Global Marine Insurance:

Pros & Cons

  • They have flexible coverage options to fit your needs

  • They have an easy online quote application

  • They have competitive pricing

  • A minimum of 5 PWCs is required

  • Their policy is not valid in the state of Florida

A minimum of 5 PWCs is required. Their policy is not valid in the state of Florida. If you are considering commercializing Jet Skis then Markel Insurance is the way to go.

They offer a comprehensive Jet Ski policy for rentals. Global Marine Insurance is the best when it comes to insuring PWCs for commercial use.

Their basic policy covers medical expenses, equipment replacement costs relating to client negligence, and equipment replacement expenses as it relates to events of storms and flooding.

They also offer multiple Jet Ski coverage extended policies and add-ons. This includes the dealership coverage that protects your investment when it is hauled, anchored, and serviced, marina coverage; which guards against damages during storage, marina operators’ legal liability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Jet Ski insurance will protect your Jet Ski against liability, fuel spills, vandalism, costly incidents, collisions, and other unfortunate incidents.

Jet Ski insurance falls under Personal Watercraft Insurance which includes small boats and personal watercraft.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Jet Ski?

The cost varies with insurance companies. There are other factors to take into account as well such as the make, model, age, and condition of the Jet Ski.

Your personal driving record, your experience as a Jet Ski user, your geographical location are also factors considered when it comes to the cost.

You should expect to pay from $85 to $100 a year for liability coverage and $500 or more a year for comprehensive coverage.

Is Jet Ski Insurance Worth it?

Having a Jet Ski can help you avoid a lot of bills in the future. It requires you to pay a monthly token for coverage in the event of property damage, or an accident.

When you are on a policy and your Jet Ski gets damaged, through an accident, storm, or fire, you will just be required to pay a deductible of $250 to $5000 forfeiting the actual cost of the equipment replacements or damages.

The insurance can cover other expenses such as towing and emergency services, accident-related bills, fuel spills, and other types of personal property covered by the policy you choose.

Jet Ski insurance is definitely worth your while.


Over 16 PWC insurance companies were evaluated based on factors such as coverage price, discounts, customer service ratings, coverage options, and policy price.

The insurance companies that offered the most comprehensive and customizable coverage options were considered first.

Then the annual premiums were scrutinized to remove the ones that had fewer coverage options.
The insurance companies were also analyzed based on the best coverage policy; policy bundling, discounts, and usage types were considered.

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